It’s been raining for a month now.

In this land of grey mountains, thick clouds and green forests you start to long for something colorful and warm. It’s a challenge in more ways than one.

The pieces were a test, a try to bring some vivid objects to this world. From where they were made – in a full on industrial weaving mill with dusty air, concrete floors and just a few windows, to the nordic state where they reside in. And when you look trough out the window and all you can see is just colourless mass of the atmosphere just take a look at this soft and warm wooly window of color, the whole gamut.

Technical data:

Artist: Povilas Rėklaitis
Title: Wooly gamut 1-6

Size: 43x43x2,5cm, 6 framed pieces
Technique: Digital Jacquard Weave
Materials: Wool
Woven at: Innvik AS
Year: 2017

"Wooly gamut 1" 2017
Detail of "Wooly gamut 1" 2017
"Wooly gamut 2" 2017
Detail of "Wooly gamut 2" 2017
"Wooly gamut 3" 2017
Detail of "Wooly gamut 3" 2017
"Wooly gamut 4" 2017
Detail of "Wooly gamut 4" 2017
"Wooly gamut 5" 2017
Detail of "Wooly gamut 5" 2017
"Wooly gamut 6" 2017
Detail of "Wooly gamut 6" 2017
The process of "Wooly gamut" 2017
"Wooly gamut 1" 2017