Art is personal.

My work is about two people, from different time zones, jump starting their story. Meeting at a single point in space and time, from which a new line started. A little piece, that tells the story of a first date. I was there and Kristina was there. She had the ticket, I had the map, on which I marked the dot. I joined the two pieces of our backstory together, in this synthesis.

She is a textile artist, therefor my work is woven using digital jacquard weaving technique, from wool, that is soft to the touch. Tactile sense is important. It is a quality of being friendly, personable and warm.

Everything I know about weaving came from her, now it’s us. I embroidered details of my work with colored boucle yarns, to give some accents to the uniform black and white entirety. Embroidered lines are parallel, to conform with the style of weaving. The blue dot is embroidered in a circular fashion, to give the effect of a ballpoint pen dot on paper.


Technical data:

Artist: Povilas Rėklaitis
Title: “Meeting point.”

Size: 155x60cm
Technique: Digital Jacquard Weave, hand embroidery
Materials: Wool
Woven at: Innvik AS
Year: 2016

Meeting Point. 2016
Detail of "Meeting Point." 2016
Detail of "Meeting Point." 2016
Detail of "Meeting Point." 2016