Bed is far more than a place to rest; it speaks of different aspects of our lives: birth, sleep, privacy, sex, relations with other people or case of our own mortality.

Bedding is the textile that has big intimacy: apart from clothing this textile surrounds our bodies or is in direct contact with our skin for more than a third of our lives. We crumple it during the night and leave our imprints in the morning for it to witness our existence.
The piece is an attempt to freeze that imprint of one night, of our relation. One morning we took a photo of the bedding then by digitalising and translating it to weave bindings, the picture was woven back to one flat textile piece again.


Technical data:

Title: “Bedding”
Size: 154x220cm
Technique: Photography, Digital Jacquard Weave
Materials: Wool
Woven at: Innvik AS
Year: 2017

Bedding 2017
Detail of "Bedding" 2017
Detail of "Bedding" 2017
Detail of "Bedding" 2017
Detail of "Bedding" 2017