Kristina Daukintytė Aas and Povilas Rėklaitis

We are an artistic duo: Kristina D. Aas and Povilas Rėklaitis.

Kristina is a textile artist. For the last four years she has been working mainly with digital Jacquard weaving. She got her education from Bergen Academy of Arts where she finished her MA in fine arts in 2011.

Povilas has been a graphics designer and a photographer for quite a while now. He is a self-taught creative nerd working with a broad range of techniques, medias, and materials.

They both spent some time working at the industrial weaving mill in a small Norwegian village. For now their cooperation resulted in a few outcomes, but there are new things to come.

If you wonder where the word citra [*kit-ro-] came from: it’s a word from an ancient Sanskrit language, the meaning of it is a little loose. It means distinguished, bright, loud, strange or simply a picture.